Guided Hikes up Benwisken Mountain, Co Sligo.

Walking up Benwisken is one of the most incredible experiences you can have in Sligo.

Standing on the edge of the 514 meter high limestone cliffs is invigorating to say the least.  Stunning views of Sligo and all of Donegal Bay are revealed.  You will be blown away by what looking down upon Yeats Country reveals, and also blown away if the wind is the wrong direction.

You must be very careful, and this hike shouldn't be taken lightly.  The edge of the cliff is unstable and it is much windier at the top of all of the Dartry Mountains than it is below.  Its best to go with a local guide.

Interested in a guided tour to the top of Benwisken?  I am a certified local and regional tour guide and I do a variety of guided tours to all of the Dartry Mountains and other key locations in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.  Head over to Bundoran Adventures to Book your private guided tour to the top of Sligo's Mythical Mountain.

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