Your Guide to Benbulben.

Benbulben Mountain is one of the most well known physical landmarks along the West Coast of Ireland.  Sometimes referred to as Irelands "Table Mountain" Benbulben is part of the Dartry Mountains and its name is an anglicisation of the Irish Name Binn Gulbain which means Jaw Peak.

The mountain is steeped in natural and mythical history and most recently was made famous world wide by the famous poet William Butler Yeats and his poem "Under Benbulben"

The mountain standing at 536 meters a large rock formation shaped in the ice age by glaciers, it is a limestone and mudstone rock composition, and the top is mostly covered in bog land.

We do regular walks to the top of Benbulben.  There are multiple ways to approach it.   Click on the map provided to get an idea of how to hike to the top.

I do regular tours in and around Benbulben and other Dartry mountains. 

Just contact me for more information on tours and guided walks around Benbulben.

Map to hike Benbulben.

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