The B-17 WWII Flying Fortress Bomber Wreck on Tievebaun Mountain.  Dartry Mountains, Sligo.

October 14th, 2017
Recently I hiked up Tievebaun (Mount Truskmore) Mountain in Co Sligo, after learning that on top of the mountain lie the remains of a B17 - Flying Fortress Bomber that crash landed there in December 1943.  
The bomber was being flown from Nova Scotia to Scotland.  The purpose was to deliver the plane for the war effort.  (as it was in the middle of wwii).  The crew hit bad weather as they flew over Donegal Bay (big surprise that, having bad weather in an Irish winter)  The pilots made a bad judgement which had them crash land on top of the mountain which is located in County Sligo.  
The really interesting thing about this whole event is how the rescue took place and how the wreck still lies there today.  The history of the wreck over the years and the legacy that was created around the event is fascinating. 
All the information that I did my presentation on is by this incredibly detailed report by the website WW2 Irish Aviation.  If you find this interesting and want to know the full and acurate account go here.
I never intended on creating this presentation when I went to look for the wreck.  I decided to do it as I needed to create a presentation of Cultural Heritage from my local area for a college course Im currently enrolled in.
The course is to attain a Local and Regional Guiding Certificate.  The college is Letterkenny Institute of Technology and it is part of the Tourism department which is based in Killybegs.  

The course is funded by Failte Ireland, and the graduates earn credits to a degree in Tourism and also become recognized guides by the Irish Tourism Board, and are listed as official tour guides by Failte Ireland.  
If you are interested in hiking to the wreck and are looking for a guide then let me know.  I love to visit it.  
If you are looking for a local guide and photographer in Sligo, Lietrim or Donegal then let me know as I do take people on walks and adventures in the Dartry Mountains and we take pictures and create videos of the adventure.

Hope you like the story.

A B17 Flying Fortress Bomber (image credit - The Pacific War Encyclopedia)

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