Mullaghmore Tinnitus - Big Wave Paddle Session at Mullaghmore.

October 24 - 2017
Big Wave session goes down at Mullaghmore.  Ft : Ben Player, Frank Solomon, Russell Bierke, Balaram Stack, Noah Lane and Many More.
Featuring the Johnny Cash Track "Aint No Grave".  Performed by Crooked Still.
A week after I went over the falls at Mullaghmore, and because of the injury of bursting my ear drum I decided to go cover the session shooting video from land.
Normally I like to shoot from the water, but I couldn’t - I was a total mess.  I don’t think I really realised at the time just how much my body had taken a hit. During the week I started hearing a constant sound in my head.  It was very distressing and I learnt it was called Tinnitus.  
I figured Mullaghmore had left its mark on me reminding me always of the risk involved with being out there.
I shot this video and edited it the same day.  It was featured on Magicseaweed (check that our here).
For the next 6 weeks after this day I had to rest as I was extremely horrified by the experience of contracting the condition of Tinnitus. I won’t get into it too much, but the experience landed up being the hardest and worst thing I have ever gone through. 
I still have the ring in my ears, and it might be there for life, but I have learnt to deal with it a bit better now.  Thanks to certain people, Im still here and feeeling positive about life.  I didn’t think I would survive at one point as to live with a constant ringing in your ears can drive you mad and scare the daylights out of you.  Thats what it did to me.
I take this lesson as the worst experience ever and also the best, as it showed me what I had almost lost.
While posting this I still believe and hope to be out surfing in the ocean and shooting at Mullaghmore again soon.

Conor Maguire - Path to Mullies.

Australian Russell Bierke - Scoping Irelands mythical wave.

South African Josh Redman

Legendary Body Boarder - Ben Player

Local surfer Robert Keeley on his first Mullaghmore Wave.

Noah Lane/Mullaghmore

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