Losing my camera and almost my life on massive wave hold down at Mullaghmore.

While swimming with my camera at Mullaghmore, a freak set came. I tried to swim under the wave but was pulled back with it and it sucked me and my camera very deep.

I luckily held my breath the entire time, and I wouldnt have been able to do that had I not done the specific training that Ive been doing.

The camera and I became separated when the leash snapped under water. In the video you can see how the camera is miraculously found at floating almost a mile away by a passing yacht, who returns it to Peter Conroy who was doing Jetski rescue.

This video is from the go pro on top of my camera water housing. It is a one hour video sped up and slowed down with some narration showing what happened along the journey and how I lost it and how it came back to me.

I dont have any footage of the rescue, maybe there is some out there from the land, so if any other photographers or filmers have clips, please contact me. I

cant be one hundred percent sure of when I popped up from being pulled under. I remember certain things happening that correlate with the video and I estimate I was underwater from anywhere from 10 - 25 seconds. I cant be sure without seeing something to dictate otherwise - from what I remember and what I can relate it to in the video of the camera submerging.

I remember clearly that I was feeling like I was almost at the surface and then a second wave came over or a rush of water maybe. I think I was at the surface right after that or I blacked out and was in a unconscious breath hold.

I think the fact that I burst my eardrum and had vertigo plays a large roll in what I remember and my senses of what was happening and how long I was underwater or with an ability to breath or not.

For me this was a bit of a life changing event.

Schuyler Allen/Mullaghmore

This was the wave that I went over on.  HECTIC!!

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