Shambles goes to Hawaii - A trilogy....of sorts.

June 2017
Shambles - one of, if not the most known personality and character to come out of the Irish Surf Scene and also a professionally sponsored Body Boarder from Strandhill Co Sligo.
This 3 part edit finds Shambles being invited to compete at mike stewart pipeline invitational.

It was all spur of the moment, and after having a fundraiser to get funds for the trip Shambles and I chatted about making youtube style edits of the trip.  Shambles took a gopro and filmed everything and the plan was that I would edit it into something for all the sponsors when he got back.  

The thing is, it went a bit pear shaped upon his return to Ireland, and he lands up in the Hospital with a horrific gash on his hip.  

So the series had to continue until his recovery was made and he had a chance to make peace with a piece of Irish Reef where he got hurt.

This was a first for me, as I didnt really film much except for the last bit of the third episode, but Its always a laugh working with this madman and he like Shane Meehan is one of the people that has helped me the most with my life moving to and shooting the surf in Ireland.


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