Carver Skateboarding in Ireland - Skating in Bundoran

March 2017

Bundoran is known as a world famous surf town and could be considered the best place in Europe to surf...(it depends on your tolerance to cold water).  The reason being is that we have consistent swell all year round and depending on the swell direction, size and winds there are a variety of places to surf in a close proximity that cater from beginner to expert.

Saying all that, its cold pretty much year round..not baltic, but cold.  There are a few days each year where it warms up to the point that a few brave warriors will surf with board shorts on, but id say that is mainly a novelty.  You need a wetsuit year round, and in winter you need a 5mm suit, booties, gloves and a hoodie.

Although there are a variety of world class waves in and near Bundoran, we also (at times) have gaps of weather where the wind is onshore for days and sometimes weeks, or the swell direction is all wrong....or its just so damn cold in mid winter that the crowds thin out to just the hardy locals. 

Bundoran has a few great places to practice surfing outside of the water and they are in the form of tarred walkes along the waters edge....and with a surf-skateboard

Id say the majority of skaters in Bundoran are also surfers and with that the board of choice are Carver skateboards and similar surf designed skateboards like surfskate.  

Last winter over a couple of nights I wanted to test out my new gopro I had just bought and also catch up with the locals carving up the pavement on a few flat ocean nights.

If you are looking for great places to skate in Bundoran, you must check out the Roguey (a tarred path from the Peak to Tullan Strand), The west end a swirling smooth walking path from the Peak to Magheracar (you might have to ask some locals where it is if you cant find it, but its easy enough to find and you can carve from top to bottom without having to put your foot down to gain speed).

If you come to Bundoran, make sure to bring your skateboard, and you might bump into a few others to skate with. 

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