Chasing Irish Swells.   
Irish surf film edit "Portrait" 

April 2016

I spent the Autumn,Winter and Spring chasing swells with a few of the surfers from Bundoran and Strandhill. 

My goal was mainly shooting stills.  However I put together this film for Shore Shots 2016 from footage I got over the season.

It was a great season of waves on the West Coast that year.  I worked mainly with the local lads like Gearoid Mcdaid, Cian Logue, Aaron Ried and Conor Maguire.

In the middle of winter I scored some great sessions with the expat crew of Noah Lane, Ryan Watts, Jack Crocker and Jackson Lane (who had an injured leg and helped me score some shots).

IN the spring I was on the road with Shambles and Shane Meehan again.  We had an amazing day at Mullaghmore and G-Spot all to ourselves the one day.  Its in the edit.

This was a very special season for me.  Ill never forget.  I put together Portrait for my 2016 Shore Shots Entry.

I called it Portrait as I wanted to feature individual surfers and give them each a small section.  

Pampa - Bundoran.

Malin Beg/Silver Strand - Donegal.

Gearoid McDaid/Rileys

Cian Logue/Bundoran

Conor Maguire/Bundoran


I wouldnt normally be so proud of a small car I bought for 300Euro, but I landed up having to rely on this car for about a year and it took me up and down the coast of Ireland many times.  On this particular trip we did a strike mission to Clare from Bundoran in it with five people, ten boards and kit for five surfers, and all my photo gear.

We drove through the night and we surfed and shot pictures all day, and then drove back. 

You never know what life will deliver to you, and looking back it was a great adventure and ill always be so greatful for what Ive had in life, whether it has been during the tough times or the easy ones.

Shooting with Noah Lane

Shot of me by Jackson Lane.

Selfie / Ian Mitchinson

Ryan Watts/Lietrim

From an unforgettable day.

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