DARKNESS into LIGHT - Shane Meehan

April 2015.

This edit featuring Irelands most recognized Body Boarder.  Sponsored by Hawaiian brand Science BodyBoards, Shane Meehan has won the Irish Nationals a total of 8 times.  

This edit was entered into Shore Shots 2015.  Although it didnt win the short edits or place in the top three, I personally feel this was the most hardcore surfing out of all the edits and few to no one had been as committed to the waves that winter as Shane. 

I shot some of the clips and did the editing. 

Other filmers include Fionn Rogers (who shot one of the best clips ever from the water in Ireland at the time), Guy Macnidoe and a few more.

Shane is a good friend of mine and we have been on many missions.  Below are some images from our travels filming from Darkness into Light.

Check out all the edits from that year at epictv.com

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